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Workbenches & Hardware
                                                                         Up to
     VERITAS  QUICK-RELEASE FRONT VISE                                400 lbs. of
     A woodworking vise with rock solid material holding performance,    force!
     easy installation and several great features!
      Flip up a simple lever to disengage the Acme-threaded center screw to pull & push
     the vise freely & smoothly to accommodate your stock. Flip the lever down to engage the
     threads then turn the handle for tightening. Overall travel for the screw mechanism is a robust
     12-1/4” (less the thickness of your wooden jaw & bench apron). The close tolerance machining minimizes
     jaw sag, even when fully extended. An extruded aluminum cover over the main screw protects your work
     from touching oily lubrication & keeps debris from the threads. This vise can apply up to 400 lbs, of force
     clamping (& spreading). Its perfect for a new bench design or for retrofitting an existing bench. The vise
     mounting footprint is 12” wide x 16” deep (with a 2” thick bench apron & 1-3/4” thick jaw).
      Includes a hardwood handle with screw cap ends. Wooden jaw pad not included. The instructions show
     how to make an 18” wide wooden jaw, though you can make it shorter as needed.
     Designed & made in Canada to the exacting standards you’ve come to know and expect from Veritas . Patent pending.
     VERITAS  TWIN SCREW VISE             177144   Veritas  Quick-Release Front Vise  $359.99
     A chain drive system ensures that the jaws   ®
     stay parallel, eliminating racking    VERITAS  CARVER’S VISE
     common in other vises.                An arched base lets your
     This vise operates from either side,   work overhang your bench,
     and a spring loaded lock pin disen-   so it can be worked without
     gages the chain for controlled        obstruction.
     skewing to equalize pressure on        You can bolt this vise to
     slightly out-of-square work. Includes chain   your benchtop, or secure it
     to place handles 16-7/8” apart. Reduce   with an optional bolt assem-
     space to 12” by shortening the chain & cutting the   bly in a 3/4” dia. bench dog hole. A 3-1/2” dia.
     aluminum cover. An optional extension kit has an ex-  mounting plate, with 3 screw slots, is attached to a
     tended cover & extra chain to increase handle spac-  1/2” steel rod with 3” height adjustment. Spare
     ing up to 24” on centers (for 32” wide benches.) Max.   faceplate & mounting rods allow quick change
     jaw opening is 12”. Includes 2 wooden vise handles.   out of workpieces.
     Wooden jaw liners are not included.   127004  Veritas  Carver’s Vise   $149.99
                                           127005   Dog Hole Mounting Hardware   $15.99
     417021  Veritas  Twin-Screw Vise   $259.99  127006   Spare Faceplate & Rod   $34.99
     417022   Twin Screw Vise Extension Kit   $39.99
     A good solution if you need a workbench, but don’t have the space or budget for one.
       This won’t replace a full size workbench, but it is great for smaller projects.
     Clamp it to most any table top or counter with your clamps. The Workstation
     Pro has a 1-5/8” thick solid beech top & includes 4 bench dogs with side springs. A
     pair of optional self-adhesive Cork Vise Jaw Cushions protect your workpieces.
     115056  Sjöbergs Workstation Pro   $270.00   Worktop 15-3/4” x 14-3/8”  OAL 20-7/8”
     115034   Cork Vise Jaw Cushions (23-5/8” x 3-1/8”)  $45.00  Vise Capacity 4-5/16”  Weight 22 lbs.
     The ultimate in a professional woodworking workbench
        These stout benches are made from select oil finished European beech & have a hefty
     3-5/16” thick worktop with a 4-5/16” wide skirt. A double row of bench dog holes give you numerous
     mounting options. 4 round 1” bench dogs are included. 2 massive 29” wide rack-free vises open to 5-3/4”,
     115009   Sjöbergs Elite 1500 (220 lbs.)  $2325.00  & may be configured for left or right hand use.
           No Cabinet                                      Ships within lower 48 states for a
     115003   Sjöbergs Elite 1500 (275 lbs.)    $2845.00  Elite 1500   $200 surcharge.
           Double Door Cabinet & 3 Drawers  29” OAW
     115008   Sjöbergs Elite 2000 (275 lbs.)  $2500.00  59-5/8” OAL
           No Cabinet                   35-1/2” High
     115051   Sjöbergs Elite 2000 (337 lbs.)    $2800.00  Elite 2000
           2 Shelves & 2 Cabinets       29” OAW
     115001  Sjöbergs Elite 2000 (337 lbs.)    $3125.00  76-19/32” OAL
           Double Door Cabinet & 6 Drawers  35-1/2” High  Assembly required
                                          LAKE ERIE TOOLWORKS
     BENCH VISES                          WOOD VISE SCREW
     Modelled after Record’s historic     PREMIUM KIT
     52/53 bench vise designs.   mounting   Suitable for leg vises, face vises,
                                          tail vises, & twin-screw vises
        These vises feature a quick-  instructions   These traditional-style wood-
     action lever under the drop handle  on our website.  en vise screw kits for workbenches are impressive
     which disengages the vise screw and allows instant   both in their good looks as well as their highly-satis-
     adjustment to any point up to the vises’ maximum   fying performance. The kit includes a hard maple
     capacity. Heavy cast iron jaws and solid steel slide   wood vise screw, nut & handle and an external brass
     rods ensure a lifetime of rugged use. Jaws toe in   garter set with stainless steel screws.
     toward the top edge to assure positive clamping   The 24” vise screw has a 3-1/2” x 4-3/4” hub. The
     under heavy pressure. An adjustable height plastic   2-1/2” dia. x 19-1/4” screw has very coarse threads
     dog is housed in the outer jaw. Screw holes in jaws   which advance at 2 turns per inch. The 2-3/4” thick
     permit mounting your own wooden jaw vise pads.  nut is 4” x 9”. The 16-3/4” x 1” dia. handle has 1-3/4”
     199151   7” Vise (max. opening 7-7/8”)  $139.99  knobs on each end.
     199152   9” Vise  (max. opening  13-1/2”)  $159.99
     199154   10-1/2”  Vise (max. opening 16”)  $169.99  137001   Lake Erie Toolworks   $249.00
                                                  Wood Vise Screw Premium Kit
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