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COMPACT                       Workbenches & Hardware
                  Editor’s Choice
                    in FWW
       MEDIUM              The workmanship that goes into these fine benches is simply outstanding.
                      All 4 models come complete, ready for assembly. (Just bolt the stretchers to the legs, &
                     lay on the top.) The solid beech stock is clear, straight & beautifully finished. The Com-
       LARGE           pact, Medium & Large models all have a wooden jaw shoulder vise mounted flush
                        with the left end of the bench, a tail vise that serves as a dog vise, vise handles, a
                        pair of steel square bench dogs & a full-length tool well. Large & medium styles
       ALL-AROUND     also have a drawer. The All-Around has round dog holes in the bench top & tail vise,
                      with a double row of holes across the top’s width that work with the front shoulder
                    vise. Holes along the front apron are for handling large panels & doors. Top is continu-
                       ous, with no tool well. Round dogs are sold separately, (below).
                       Truck shipping charges apply. Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
     Hofman & Hammer   Shoulder Vise Width/  Tail Vise Width/  Front Edge Work Surface  Overall
     German Workbench  Max. Vise Opening  Max. Vise Opening  Thickness Thickness  Size  Weight  Price
                       16-1/2”     14-1/2”                51-1/2” x 20”
     114101  COMPACT                         3-1/2”  1-5/8”       99 lbs.  $799.99
                                      7-1/4”                      7”  34” high
                       16-1/2”     14-1/2”                 71” x 22”
     114102  MEDIUM                          3-1/2”  1-5/8”       132 lbs. $999.99
                                       8”                      7”  34” high

                       19-3/4”         6”                 85” x 25-1/2”
     114103  LARGE                           4-1/2”  2-1/4”       286 lbs. $1699.99
                                       9-1/4”                   10-1/4”  34-1/2” high
                       19-3/4”         6”                 71” x 23-5/8”
     114146  ALL-AROUND                       4”     2”           220 lbs. $1499.99
                                       7-1/2”                    6-1/2”  34-1/2” high
     MITER VISE                           6” PORTABLE WORKBENCH VISE
      A massive cast iron body &            Mount this lightweight sturdy
     jaws along with steel screws,        vise on a workbench with screws
     hold securely even while trimming   mounting   or, on a surface up to 2” thick,
     & nailing. Large aluminum knobs   screws not   with the integrated clamp. Cast
     allow quick adjustment. Vise body   included  iron jaws have mounting holes
     rotates horizontally, & pivots from horizontal to ver-  for attaching your own wooden
     tical when unlocked. Saw kerf space where jaws meet  jaw liners. Steel main screw has
     (with replaceable wooden liner) for trimming miters.  Acme threads. 6” wide, 2” deep
                   168033   Miter Vise   $69.99  jaws open to 4-3/4” and are slightly “toed-in”.
                          (13 lbs.)       169133   6” Portable Workbench Vise (7 lbs.)  $34.99
                   VERITAS                VERITAS  ROUND BRASS
                   WONDER DOG  & PUP      BENCH DOGS & PUPS ®
     Amazingly     Mount into a 3/4” dia. hole to   Friction springs keep 3/4” dia. posts
     useful accessories  create a holding system without   snug in any bench top thickness. 5°
     for any bench.  using a tail vise – perfect for retro-  undercut face grips securely & rotates
             fitting into benches built without dogs.   to hold stock that isn’t square. Sold in pairs.
     They pivot in any direction. Post is min. 7/8” above   419714 Veritas  Round Bench Dogs (4-3/8” post)  $29.99
     bench. 3/4” high brass clamps. Screw angles 2° for   419715 Veritas  Round Bench Pups  (2-1/4” post) $25.99
     secure grip & a steel spring wire prevents slipping.   VERITAS  MUZZLES For Bench Dogs or Pups ®
     417004  Veritas Wonder Dog  (4-3/4” post)  $42.99   Hard plastic spring-grip sleeves slip on
     417007  Veritas Wonder Pup  (2-5/8” post)  $37.99  Veritas® & Pups® (& alum. bench dogs, be-
             VERITAS  BENCH HOLD-DOWN          low) to cushion the surface. 6 face ribs grip
               Clamp screw with polished brass hex   tightly without marring. Sold in pairs.
       knob applies high clamping force. Fits 3/4” hole   177082  Veritas  Muzzles - Pups  (3/4” high) $2.50
       in a bench top or bench leg, where it works as a   177081  Veritas  Muzzles - Dogs (1-1/4” high)  $3.25
       panel clamp. Throat capacity & max. height is 8”.   ROUND ALUMINUM BENCH DOGS
       The optional 5-1/2” Veritas Bench Hold Down    Milled, sloped face secures stock & a friction
    Post allows the Hold Down to be used when the stan-  spring holds the dog in 3/4” dia. hole in any
    dard 8” post is too long (due to clearance issues under   thickness benchtop.  Sold in pairs.
    the benchtop). It provides ~ 4” of clamping capacity.  169134  Alum. Bench Dogs (4-3/8” post)  $21.99
        417005   Veritas  Hold-Down   $109.99  169135  Short Alum. Bench Dogs (2-1/4” post)  $17.99
        177083   5-1/2” Hold Down Post     $9.99  169136  Set of 4 Alum. Dogs (2  std. & 2 short)  $32.99
               IMPROVED BENCH HOLDFAST More effective & versatile than single piece style hold downs.
        This holdfast clamps work directly to the bench using a 1” hole. An acme screw provides great leverage
       to force a pivoting arm down, & the pivoting clamp pad helps hold odd shaped parts. With softwood &
       bench tops thinner than 2-1/4”, surface mount the flange to the underside. With tops 1-5/8” thick &
        greater, flush mount the flange. Throat capacity & max. height are 8”. Includes holdfast with mounting
        flange, flange back plate, machine screws & nuts.  310341  Improved Bench Holdfast  $36.99
      Each holdfast is individually made, ground by hand, & textured to improve its grip, so each
     tool is unique. The tight fit between the shaft & 1” dia. hole, the rough surface finish & the 17”
                                                                             on an early
     straight shaft insure reliable holding in benchtops 2” to 8” thick, & allow it to clamp ob-
                                                                       French design,
     jects as high as 8” off the benchtop. The Ductile iron is virtually unbreakable & has
                                                                        & forged in a
     enough spring to clamp tightly & release crisply. The beak extends 6-5/8” from the     Cincinnati family
     shaft. The rough-cast surface is not protected against rust or tarnish. Rust enhances   owned foundry
     the grip & it is recommended you allow your holdfast to tarnish & age, never oil it,   since 1854.
     or allow oil into the holes on your bench. Before ordering, please read/download the Instruction Sheet to
     make sure this holdfast is ideal for you & your workbench.  433252    Crucible Holdfast (5 lbs.)  $138.00
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