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                             SAWSTOP TABLE SAWS
                             The safest table saws on the market!
                     The SawStop Safety system detects the touch of
                     the human body to the spinning blade & stops the   See a video
                     blade within 5 milliseconds, avoiding serious injury.  of this
                                                                    amazing saw
                      Along with the unparalleled safety & peace of mind   on our website!
                      that a SawStop provides, you’ll appreciate the assembly
               ease, unrivaled fit and finish, and accurate cutting. SawStop is the
     obvious choice when upgrading your old saw or outfit-  Pro Cabinet Saws (PCS)
     ting your shop the first time.           ship within the lower
        All SawStop saws are left-tilt style, 10” saws. The   48 states for $250 surcharge.
     Contractor Saw & the 1.75HP Pro Cabinet Saw run on   305040  1.75HP PCS w/30” Premium Fence  $2692.00
     110V. The 3HP Pro Cabinet saw runs on 220V. The   305041  1.75HP PCS w/36” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2879.00
     Contractor saw has stamped steel table wings, & the   305042  1.75HP PCS w/52” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2989.00
     Pro Cabinet saws have cast iron wings. Choose the   305022  3HP PCS w/36” Pro T-Glide Fence   $3354.00
     30” rip capacity aluminum extrusion fence or the im-  305023  3HP PCS w/52” Pro T-Glide Fence  $3464.00
     proved 36” & 52” Professional T-Glide rugged steel   305024  Mobile Base (PCS)  $275.00
     fences. Use  mobile bases for easy        Ships within lower 48 states for $15 surcharge.
     mobility with rock solid stability.   305046  Overarm Dust Collector Attachment   $275.00
         Contractor Saws (CNS)                 Ships within lower 48 states for $15 surcharge.
         ship within lower 48 states for $250 surcharge.     (Connects directly to table blade guard on 3HP
     305001  Contractor Saw w/30” Aluminum Fence  $1869.00     saws. Requires Dust Collection Blade Guard,
     305002  Contractor Saw w/36” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2089.00     below, to connect to CNS & 1.75HP PCS.)
     305003  Contractor Saw w/52” Pro T-Glide Fence  $2199.00  305054  Dust Collection Blade Guard   $149.00
     305008  Mobile Base (CNS)     $219.00     (Upgrade for CNS & 1.75HP PCS
     305009  2 Cast Iron Wings (CNS)  $298.00  305027  Zero Clearance Insert - 8” Dados all models $55.00
          Wings ship without saw within lower 48 states   305012  Standard 10” Brake Cartridge all models  $89.00
          for $43 surcharge.             305013  Dado 8” Brake Cartridge all models   $109.00
     305017  Mobile Cart for Contractor’s Saw (CNS)  $249.00  305131  Sliding Crosscut Table all models  $1319.00
          Ships within lower 48 states for $20 surcharge.     Ships within lower 48 states for $75 surcharge.
     SAWSTOP FOLDING OUTFEED TABLE                                   250 LB.
      SawStop’s Folding Outfeed Table makes it easier to cut large work pieces on your   CAPACITY
     SawStop table saw. The strong steel frame has rollers for easy stock movement. Ta-
     ble is 44-1/4” x 32-1/8” (31-1/4” x 32-1/8” on sliding table equipped saws). Weighs 37 lbs.   1 YEAR
     When you’re finished working it folds quickly & easily out of the way. The Folding Out-  WARRANTY
     feed Table fits on all SawStop Pro Cabinet Saws (PCS), & Industrial Saws with T-Glide
     Fences. It is also compatible with saws using a SawStop Sliding Table Attachment (see
     instructions for details on alternate configuration) & with   Ships within lower 48 states for $15 surcharge.
     SawStop saws on mobile bases (with modification).  305134   Folding Outfeed Table   $385.00
                     SAWSTOP JOBSITE SAW PRO with Mobile Cart & Fence
                  Portability perfectly suited for on the job cutting & for space challenged shops.
                   The saw’s 10” belt driven blade is powered by a 120V 15 amp 1.5HP universal
                   motor. Max. cutting depth of left tilt blade, (1 to 46°), is 3-1/8” & 2-1/8” at 45°.
                    T-Style Fence gives 25-1/2” rip capacity to the right of blade & 9-3/4” to the
          108 lbs.  left. Saw is mounted to the tubular steel folding roller stand. With stand un-
     furled, it’s 28-3/4” x 48” x 36” high. Saw & stand stored on-end is 26-1/4” x 28-3/4” x 45” high.
         Jobsite Saw ships within lower 48 states for $100 surcharge.
         305207   SawStop JobSite Saw PRO with Mobile Cart & Fence  $1,499.00

     SAWSTOP ROUTER TABLES   All SawStop router tables have a robust 3-1/2” high fence
     with adjustable split fence faces & a paddle on/off switch for your router. Table tops have a 9-1/4” x 11-3/4”
     opening for your own router mount plate or router lift (mount plate, lift & router are NOT included).
     In-Line            The In-Line Router Table Attachment puts a cast iron router table on your
                         SawStop table saw. (Fit requirements are precise and detailed. Depending on
                        your model saw & current configuration, other connection components may be
                       needed. Please call or visit our website for information before ordering.)
                        The Standalone Router Table has a 32” x 24” cast iron top with a 37-3/4”
                       fence. The powder-coated tubular steel stand has integrated wheels and feet that
                          adjust the table height from 34-1/2” to 36-1/2”.
                          Truck shipping charges apply. Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
                     305304  SawStop Standalone (156 lbs.)  $899.00
                     305302  SawStop In-Line Pro Cab. & Cont. Saws  $549.00
        Standalone   305301  SawStop In-Line Industrial Saws  $715.00
     SAWSTOP 4 POST ROUTER LIFT Accepts router motors from 3-1/4” to 4-1/4” dia.
      A chain-synchronized 4-post lifting system makes precise above-the-table height
     adjustments quick & easy. Includes 11-3/4” x 9-1/4” x 1/4” aluminum router plate,
     router mounting collars & 1-1/2” locking insert ring   305311  SawStop 4 Post Router Lift   $439.00
     with wrench. 1/4”, 1/2”, 1-1/2”, & 2-1/2” dia. op-  305314  Standard Insert Rings   $75.00
     tional insert rings, lessen the gap around your bits.   305313  Zero Clearance Insert Rings (4 blanks)  $75.00
             13” x 10-1/4” x 13-3/4” box with 4” port efficiently collects sawdust below the table. Includes 52”
            x 2-1/2” flex hose to connect to router fence.   305312  Downdraft Dust Collection Box   $153.00

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