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In-Line                                  Featured Products
                           SAWSTOP ROUTER TABLES                    Benchtop
                          Select from 3 Styles: In-Line, Standalone & Benchtop
                          All SawStop router tables have a robust 3-1/2” high fence with
                          adjustable split fence faces & a paddle switch to turn your
                          router on & off. Table tops have a 9-1/4” x 11-3/4” opening for your
        NEW!              own router mount plate or router lift (mount plate, lift & router are NOT included).
                     The In-Line Router Table Attachment puts a hefty, precision milled, cast iron router
                    table on your SawStop table saw, saving you shop floor space. (Fit requirements are precise
                     & detailed. Depending on your model saw & current configuration, other connection
                  components may be needed. Please call or visit our website for information before ordering.)
      Standalone Router Tables have a 32” x 24” top (cast iron or solid phenolic) with a 37-3/4” fence. The excep-
     tionally stable powder-coated tubular steel stand has adjustable feet & integrated wheels. Height 34-1/2” to 36-1/2”.
      The Benchtop Router Table is a good choice for space challenged shops that still need a solid router set-up.
          The 16" tall stand's foot print is 23” x 15-1/2”.  The 27” x 16” cast iron top has 30-3/4” long fence.
         Truck shipping charges apply. Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
     305305  SawStop Standalone - Phenolic (102 lbs.)  $689.00  SAWSTOP DOWNDRAFT
     305304  SawStop Standalone - Cast Iron (156 lbs.)  $819.00  DUST COLLECTION BOX
     305303  SawStop Benchtop (85 lbs.)  $549.00  FOR ROUTER TABLES
     305302  SawStop In-Line (Pro Cabinet & Contractor Saws)  $499.00  Designed to mount under your
     305301  SawStop In-Line (Industrial Saws)  $649.00  router table, this 13” x 10-1/4” x 13-3/4” box
                                               efficiently collects sawdust below the table.
     SAWSTOP 4 POST                            Integrated 4” dust port connects the includ-
     ROUTER LIFT                               ed 52” x 2-1/2” flex hose for bringing dust
      SawStop’s heavy-duty Router Lift
     uses a chain-synchronized 4-post lift-    collection up to the router fence.
     ing system that makes it fast & easy      305312  Downdraft Dust Collection Box  $139.00
     to perform precise above-the-table height adjustments. It includes an 11-3/4” x 9-1/4” x 1/4” aluminum router
     plate, 1-1/2” locking insert ring with wrench & router mounting collars. (Accepts router motors 3-1/4” to 4-1/4” dia.)
      Optional insert ring sets lessen table gap for a range of bit dias. Standard Set includes 4 rings. Zero Clear-
     ance Set has 4 ring blanks that you can cus-  305311  SawStop 4 Post Router Lift   $399.00
     tom mill for a tight fit around your bit.  305314  Std. Insert Rings 1/4”, 1/2”, 1-1/2”, & 2-1/2” dia.  $69.00
                                    305313  Zero Clearance Insert Rings Set of 4 blanks  $69.00
                      BESSEY GEARKLAMP Bessey has redefined the “F” style, quick-action bar clamp!
                      An innovative small gear mechanism in the sliding jaw allows the turn handle on the
                      clamp to be positioned on center with the rail (the bar passes through the handle). The
                      handle is behind the clamping jaws, allowing you to place the jaws in tighter quarters
                NEW!  & giving you more knuckle clearance when positioned in front of a closed surface.
                       Just push the fast action sliding jaw to close & press a button to open it. Strong du-
                      rable jaws are fabricated with a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. 2-3/8” throat depth.
       The 3/4” hardened, tempered & burnished steel bar handles   165841   6” Bessey GearKlamp   $17.99
       up to 450 lbs. of clamping force. The gear drive mechanism   165842   12” Bessey GearKlamp   $20.99
       gives 13/16” of travel for the 1” dia. swivel pad. The 2-5/8”   165843   18” Bessey GearKlamp   $22.99
       x 1-1/8” fixed jaw pad pops off for easy cleaning, revealing a   165844   24” Bessey GearKlamp   $23.99
       V-groove jaw to help you center round & pointed parts.
       NON-SLIP PARALLEL BAR CLAMP with Pivot Handle
     Clamps with parallel jaws are great for jobs like gluing-up doors,
     panels & cabinet carcasses, where evenly applied pressure is   NEW!
     needed to help assemblies & joinery stay square & true.
      These Non-slip Parallel Bar Clamps have large 1-7/8” wide jaws with a generous depth capacity
     of 3-3/4”. The unique pivoting screw handle has a collar at the ferrule you can twist, unlocking  Handle
     the handle to pivot it 90° for extra leverage. 4” long handles are comfortable, rubberized plastic   pivots
     with a raised contour for a secure grip. Durable non-marring plastic jaw pads are glue resistant.
     1-1/8” x 3/8” sturdy steel rail is zinc coated. The sliding jaw incorporates an anti-slip system to prevent creeping
     & slipping on the rail. Push the handle slightly towards the rail to close it & away from the rail to open it. The backs
     of the jaws make a stable footprint. Two snap on plastic   169185   24” Bar Clamp, (2 pk)   $79.90     $93.99
     standoffs keep your work 1/8” from the rail. Remove   169186   31” Bar Clamp, (2 pk)   $89.25   $104.99
     the plastic end-stop/foot support clipped onto the end   169187   40” Bar Clamp, (2 pk)   $99.45   $116.99
     of the rail to achieve maximum capacity or to reverse   169189   24” Bar Clamp, (6 pk)   $219.29   $257.99
     the sliding jaw to make a spreader clamp. Clamps pro-  169190   31” Bar Clamp, (6 pk)   $239.69   $281.99
     vide up to 1500 lbs. of clamping pressure.   169191   40” Bar Clamp, (6 pk)   $259.24   $304.99

                  FESTOOL CYCLONE   Dust Extractor Separator
                    When partnered with your Festool CT26, CT36 or CT48 Dust Extractor, the
                  Cyclone lets larger debris fall into an easy-to-empty collection container, while
                 directing the finer dust into your Extractor. Along with making it easier to empty
                  debris, you get improved vacuum bag life & greater filter efficiency. The separator
                  excels at collecting planer chips, drywall dust & shop floor debris. With the see-
        NEW!      thru collection container, it's easy to retrieve a precious part that accidentally gets
               vacuumed up. The connecting hose & collection container have anti-static properties to
     prevent clinging dust. It smartly locks to the top of your Dust Extractor (or an existing Systainer on your vac). For
     ultra-convenience, use the Disposable Dust Liners. 20” high. 5.3 gals capacity. 15.4 lbs. Includes one Dust Liner.
     727231   Festool CT Cyclone Dust Extractor Separator   $375.00  SEE FESTOOL
     727234   Festool CT Cyclone Disposable Dust Liner - 10 pk  $20.00   DUST EXTRACTORS ON PAGE 61.
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