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Featured Products

     RIKON 10-305 10” BANDSAW                                        $249!
     Compact & well-made, this is an excellent starter bandsaw for those on a budget.  WHILE
      The Rikon 10” benchtop bandsaw makes a great starter saw & is also useful to owners   SUPPLIES  1/3 HP
     of larger bandsaws wanting to reduce the hassles of blade changes for separate cutting   LAST!  110V
     jobs. For instance, put a blade on this little beast & you'll always have an excellent, power-  Blade Speed
     ful scroll cutting machine or a dedicated small resawing & ripping machine ready to go!  2780 FPM
      The 10-305's cutting capacity is 9-5/8" wide x 4-5/8" high. It uses 70-1/2” blades
     from 1/8” to 1/2” wide (1/4” blade included). The 12-1/2” wide x 13-3/4” table is solidly
                                                                        5 YEAR
     built out of cast iron. The 2” tall aluminum rip fence has a front rail with integral inch   WARRANTY
     scale. Saw is 32-1/2" tall & the table height from saw's base is 14-1/2”. Footprint is 15-3/4”
                                          wide x 9-1/4”. 2-1/2" dust
     SUPERMAX 16-32 DRUM SANDER with Stand  port. Weighs 66 lbs.
     Outstanding dimensioning & finishing power
     in a compact & affordable package.   Ships within lower 48 states for $43 surcharge.
       Maximum Width 32” (2 passes)       191042   Rikon 10” Bandsaw   $249.99   $299.99
       Thickness 1/32” to 3”              191012   Stand for Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw   $69.99
                                          191048   Miter Gauge for 10-305 Bandsaw   $19.99
       Minimum Length 2-1/4”
      Advanced features like a built-     DAVID BARRON MAGNETIC
     in digital height read-out (inch     DOVETAIL SAW GUIDES
     & mm), a patented lever for fast   NEW!  Using powerful rare earth magnets   45°  90°
     drum height changes, & align-        covered with a low friction
     ment indexing, (to easily adjust     membrane, these simple elegant
     the conveyor bed for seamless        anodized aluminum guides hold
     second passes on stock wider   Two year    your dovetail saw blade
     than 16”), make the SuperMax 16-32   limited   at the desired angle & keep it
     surpass comparable drum sanders.  warranty    plumb during the cut.   SPLINE
      The 16” x 5” self-cooling aluminum drum head is   The jig lets you cut pins & tails for both
     powered by a 1-1/2HP TEFC, 110V, 20 amp, 1740 rpm   DOVETAIL   through & half-blind dovetails.   MADE
     motor. Paper changes are tool free & a patented self   The 90° Guide accurately controls your cut to   IN U.K.
     tightening clip keeps the paper tight. The machine’s   saw precise right angles. It’s excellent for cutting shoul-
     conveyor drive motor has SuperMax’s INTELLISAND™   ders, tenon cheeks & finger joints. The 45° Guide steers
     feedback technology to move the work at the correct   your saw blade for miters, mouldings, picture frames
     speed for the load. A Turbo Vented 4” dust port boosts   & wherever you need a precise 45° cut. A Dovetail
     CMF airflow of dust collectors up to 15%. 16-32 on   Spline Guide has a 1:6 & a 90° angle for cutting slots
     steel stand is 34” wide x 22” deep x 48” high. 158 lbs.  for reinforcing splines used across a miter joint.
      Optional Folding Infeed-Outfeed Tables give 12” of   135757   Barron 90° Magnetic Saw Guide    $54.99
     support to both sides of the sander & when folded,   135758   Barron 45° Magnetic Saw Guide   $59.99
     add only about 4” to the 16-32 footprint. Add smooth   135751   Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:4 (14°)  $49.99
     rolling mobility with optional locking casters.   135752   Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:5 (11°)  $49.99
     Ships direct from manufacturer       135753   Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:6 (9.5°)  $49.99

                                                 (most popular angle)
     Ships within lower 48 states for $49 shipping surcharge.
                                          135754   Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:7 (8°)   $49.99
     380381   SuperMax 16-32      $1,199.00  135755   Barron Dovetail Saw Guide 1:8 (7°)   $49.99
            Incudes steel stand, conveyor belt & 80X wrap  135756   Barron Dovetail Spline Saw Guide   $49.99
     380382    16-32 Infeed-Outfeed Tables (pair)  $119.99
     380304   16-32 Machine Casters (set of 4)  $89.00  GYOKUCHO’S RIP DOZUKI SAW
     380145   16-32 Abrasive Wrap Assort.   $29.99  David recommends using this saw with his magnetic guides.
             (4-pack, 36X, two 80X & 120X)   This traditional       OAL 23-7/8”
                                          cane wrapped wood handle saw has
                          EXACT MEASURING TAPE
      Made of durable ABS plastic   Yellow High   a .3mm (.012”) thick blade with impulse hardened
     with a black over-molding   Visibility Blade  teeth for long life. 19 tpi. 018” wide kerf. Blade length
                                          240mm (9-7/16”). Depth of cut 44mm (1-3/4”) at
                                 Self Adjusting
     on the bottom, this 25' tape   End Hook
     fits comfortably in the hand,   Sliding Lock  the blade heel & 57mm (2-1/4”) at the toe. 8-1/4 oz.
     is easy to grip & won't scar   1/16” Grads  456468   Gyokucho Rip Dozuki Saw (Model 372)  $49.99
     your work  while  measuring.   7’ Standout  456469  Gyokucho Saw Repl. Blade   $29.99
     The 1" wide tape is covered with a   ACER-FERROUS TOOLWORKS
     nylon abrasion resistant coating that gives it a   MOXON VISE KIT
     soft, satin look that is easy to read & resists glare.  For holding a workpiece at a
     465322  Starrett EXACT Measuring Tape  $9.87  $19.75  comfortable height above your
                                          workbench to help facilitate precision
                                          sawing of joinery, like cutting dovetails.  NEW!
         NEW!                               This pair of lovely hard maple bench
                                          screws with matching nuts are the essential ingredients
     HEDGEHOG SPIRAL FEATHERBOARD         for making your own affordable all-wooden Moxon
     Increase safety & accuracy on the table saw, bandsaw or router table.   vise. You provide the wood for the vise jaws using 4”
       This featherboard's unique spiral shape & single   wide material that is at least 1-1/2” thick, at the length
     pivot point expedite & simplify setup. The genius of   needed to provide the width capacity you would like
     the design is that it lets you set & reset quickly to the   for your vise. 12” x 1-1/2” dia. bench screws are 4 tpi
     changing width of your primary stock board as it nar-  with 8” of threads & 4” long octagonal handles. The 4”
     rows with each cut (or when cutting the same dimension   square nuts are 1-1/8” thick. Glue them to your back
     from boards of varying widths). Re-configures for use on   jaw when the vise is assembled. Clamp the completed
     either side of the fence. Use the Stacking Accessory to   vise to your workbench. Kit includes a pair of bench
     stack 2 together for better control of thick workpieces.  screws with nuts & instructions for crafting your jaws &
     176731   Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard   $32.00  assembling the finished vise.
     176732   Stacking Accessory    $7.50
                                          137031   Acer-Ferrous Moxon Vise Kit    $99.99
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