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Featured Products
                                    SaWStoP RoutER tablES
                                    3 Styles to fit your needs: In-Line, Standalone & Benchtop
                            benchtop       All SawStop router tables come with a robust fence
                                           assembly that stands 3-1/2” tall with adjustable split
                                           fence faces (with shims) and a large paddle style
         NEW!                              electrical switch to turn your router on & off easily &
                                           safely. All table tops have a 9-1/4” x 11-3/4” opening for
                                           accommodating your own router mount plate or router
                                           lift (mount plate, lift & router are NOT included).
                           The Inline Router Table Attachments allow you to mount a router table on
                          your SawStop table saw, saving you floor space in your shop. Precision milled,
         Standalone      hefty, cast iron router tops have a 30-3/4” fence for the Pro Cabinet & Contractors
                     table saws & a 35-3/4” fence for SawStop Industrial Saws. Stabilizing support legs are
     included. (Fit requirements are precise & detailed. Depending on your model saw & current configuration, other
     connection components may be necessary. Please call us or visit our website for more information before ordering.)
       The Standalone router tables have a 32” x 24” top (choose cast iron or solid phenolic) with a 37-3/4” fence.
     The exceptionally stable powder-coated tubular steel stand has adjustable feet for leveling & integrated wheels for
     mobility. Height 34-1/2” to 36-1/2”.           Truck shipping charges apply. Contact us for a truck shipping quote.
       The Benchtop model is a good   305305  SawStop Standalone Router table - Phenolic (102 lbs.)  $689.00
     choice for space challenged shops   305304  SawStop Standalone Router table - Cast Iron (156 lbs.)  $819.00
     that still need a solid router set-up.   305303  SawStop benchtop Router table (85 lbs.)  $549.00
     The stand foot print is 23” x 15-1/2”   305302  SawStop In-line Cast Iron Router table   $499.00
     & it’s 16” tall.  The 27” x 16” cast iron     (fPro Cabinet & Contractor Saws)
     top has a 30-3/4” long fence.  305301  SawStop In-line Cast Iron Router table (Industrial Saws)  $649.00
     SaWStoP 4 PoSt RoutER lIFt
       This heavy-duty SawStop Router Lift utilizes a chain-synchronized 4-post lifting system
     that makes it fast & easy to perform precision above-the-table elevation measurement &
     adjustments. It includes an 11-3/4” x 9-1/4” x 1/4” thick aluminum router
     plate, 1-1/2” locking insert ring with wrench & router mounting collars. (Lift
     accepts most popular router motors from 3-1/4” to 4-1/4” in dia.)
       Optional insert ring sets lessen table gap for a range of bit dias. Standard Set   NEW!
     includes 4 rings with 1/4”, 1/2”, 1-1/2” & 2-1/2” dia. holes. Zero Clearance Set
     has 4 ring blanks that you can custom mill for a tight fit around your bit.
     305311   SawStop 4 Post Router lift   $399.00
     305314   Standard Insert Rings Set of 4  $69.00
     305313   Zero Clearance Insert Rings Set of 4  $69.00
                 SaWStoP DoWNDRaFt DuSt CollECtIoN box FoR RoutER tablE
                 Designed to mount under your router table, this 13” x 10-1/4” x 13-3/4” box efficiently col-
        NEW!   lects sawdust below the table. Integrated 4” dust port connects the included 52” x 2-1/2” flex
               hose for bringing dust collection up to the router fence.
               305312  SawStop Downdraft Dust Collection box for Router lift   $115.00
     SuPERMax 16-32 DRuM SaNDER with Stand  Maximum Width 32” (2 passes)
     Outstanding dimensioning & finishing power   thickness 1/32” to 3”
     in a compact & affordable package.     Minimum length 2-1/4”
      Advanced features like a built-in digital height read-out (inch & mm), a patented lever
     for fast drum height changes, & alignment indexing, (to easily adjust the conveyor bed
     for seamless second passes on stock wider than 16”), make the SuperMax 16-32 surpass   NEW!
     comparable drum sanders.
      The 16” x 5” self-cooling aluminum drum head is powered by a 1-1/2HP TEFC, 110V,
     20 amp, 1740 rpm motor. Paper changes are tool free & a patented self tightening clip
     keeps the paper tight. The machine’s conveyor drive motor has SuperMax’s INTELLISAND™   two year
     feedback technology to move the work at the correct   Ships direct from manufacturer  warranty
     speed for the load. A Turbo Vented 4” dust port boosts   Ships within lower 48 states for $49 shipping surcharge.
     CMF airflow of dust collectors up to 15%. Sander on   380381   SuperMax 16-32   $1,199.00
     steel stand is 34” wide x 22” deep x 48” high. 158 lbs.     Incudes steel stand, conveyor belt & 80X wrap
      Optional Folding Infeed-Outfeed Tables give 12” of   380382    16-32 Infeed-outfeed tables (pair)  $119.99
     support to both sides of the sander & when folded,   380304   16-32 Machine Casters (set of 4)  $89.00
     add only about 4” to the 16-32 footprint. Add smooth   380145   16-32 abrasive Wrap assort.   $29.99
     rolling mobility with optional locking casters.       (4-pack, 36X, two 80X & 120X)

     NaREx HaND Cut CabINEt RaSPS   For a smoother finish
       With a hand cut/hand stitched cabinet rasp, the teeth are randomized just
     enough in their layout so the cutting action yields a much smoother finish than   NEW!
     you can achieve using wood rasps that have more uniform machine stamped
     teeth. You will notice fewer rasp marks & your projects will go more quickly.
       These Narex rasps have differently sized, smaller, more closely spaced teeth
     that are set right up to the edge of the 10” blank, so not only do you have more teeth cutting but you also can
     cut right up to adjacent surfaces. Available in coarse, medium and fine. The “fine” has a grade of cut that's close
     to the old Nicholson #50 cabinet rasp.
       Half-round profiles taper from 1-1/8”wide down to   147241   Narex Coarse Cabinet Rasp   $79.99
     3/4” at the tip. Stained hornbeam wood handles with brass   147242   Narex Medium Cabinet Rasp   $89.99
     ferrule. Carbon steel hardness of 49 RC. OAL is 15-1/2”.  147243   Narex Fine Cabinet Rasp   $109.99

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