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Featured Products
                                                         Workstation Pro
     smart           sJöBErGs smart VisE WorkstatioNs                 NEW!
     Vise                A good solution if you need a workbench,
                         but don’t have the space or budget for one.
                         These won’t replace a full size workbench, but they’re
                        great for smaller projects. Clamp them to nearly any table
                        top or counter using your clamps. The Smart Vise has a laminate
     coated MDF work top &   includes 4 birch short-style bench dogs. The Workstation Pro   holdfast
     has a solid beech top & includes 4                    Top   Vise
     bench dogs with side springs.    sJöBErGs  Worktop Size  OAL Thickness Capacity Weight
      The optional Cork Jaw Cush-  115027 smart Vise  12” x 14-1/2” 14-1/2”  1”  4-5/16” 15 lbs. $155.00
     ions fit both models. A 1/4” thick   115056 Workstation Pro 15-3/4” x 14-3/8” 20-7/8” 1-5/8” 4-5/16” 22 lbs. $245.00
     angle iron  Anvil Attachment lets   115034  sjöbergs cork Vise Jaw cushions, pair (23-5/8" x 3-1/8")  $30.00
     you do a little metal shaping on   115038   sjöbergs Workbench anvil attachment (9-13/16” x 4-15/16”)  $55.00
     your Workstation Pro.  115043   sjöbergs deluxe holdfast (for Workstation Pro)  $75.00
       WoodPEckErs Ultra-shEar WoodtUrNiNG tools
       Premium, American-made, nano-grain carbide cutters, with improved cutting results & increased edge retention.
           Carbide-tipped insert turning tools provide unique
       advantages for woodturners. They eliminate the need to   FUll sizE WP tools  OAL 24”, 1.65 lbs. $139.99
       sharpen your tools & allow you to make cuts with the tool   Shank 5/8” x 5/8” & 8”. Handle dia. 1-3/4”.
       sitting flat & level on the tool rest. This greatly simplifies   162301 Full size with square insert (162314)
        the cutting process, producing safer, more predictable &  162302 Full size with detail insert (162322)
          satisfying results. The unique shank profile design (of  162303 Full size with round insert (162317)
          the Full & Mid sized tools) incorporates a 45° bevel   162304 set of 3 Full size WP tools     $379.99
            “flat” on the bottom edges that allow you to tilt the
            tools to take finishing shear-angle cuts, while the   mid sizE WP tools  OAL 15-1/4”, .75 lbs.  $99.99
                                              Shank 1/2” x 1/2” & 4-1/2”. Handle dia. 1-1/2”.
            tool shank remains flat, level & stable on the tool
             rest.  You  maintain  maximum  control,  while   162305 mid size with square insert (162314)
             achieving the smoothest cuts possible. Grain tear   162306 mid size with detail insert (162322)
             out is lessened, along with the need for follow up  162307 mid size with round insert (162317)
       NEW!  sanding! (The flat bottom/round shank of the  162308 set of 3 mid size WP tools   $269.99
             Pen sized tools also allow you to make a tilted
             shearing cut, but without secondary flat edges.)   PEN sizE WP tools  OAL 12-1/2”, .45 lbs.  $79.99
                                              Shank 5/8” dia. & 3-1/4”.
             The nicely proportioned turned maple handles
             have a metal label button on the end so you can   162309 Pen size with square insert (162318)
            easily identify the tool without seeing the cutter.  162310 Pen size with detail insert (162322)
              Full Size tools are recommended for most turn-  162311 Pen size with round insert (162320)
             ing applications. You can use them to turn every-  162312 set of 3 Pen size WP tools      $219.99
            thing from bowls to chair rungs, table legs & pens.
     Use Mid Size tools for smaller jobs like spindles, smaller bowls   162313 master set of 9 WP tools               $799.99
     & pens. Pen Size tools are intend-  rEPlacEmENt cUttiNG iNsErts (Standard inserts indicated by gray box)
     ed for pen turners & work well for   insert        square      2” radius        4” r.   detail  round
     other small scale       cutter  .59”  .44”  .59”  .44”  .59”  Sharp Radius .63” dia. .46” dia.
     turning projects.
                             Full size 162314  162315  162316 162322 162321 162317
                             mid size  $16.99  $16.99  $16.99 $18.99 $18.99 $18.99
                             Pen size  162318    162319                 162320
                                       $14.99    $14.99                 $16.99
                            Except for the Sharp Detail profile, cutters are compatible with other makes of insert tools.
                           lEiGh B975 Box JoiNt & BEEhiVE JiG
                             This fixed spacing box joint jig is designed to quickly
       Includes:           mill 1/2” & 3/4” box (finger) joints on stock up to 13/16” thick. Make
     • Glass-reinforced Nylon Template  joints on stock as narrow as 2” or up to 9-3/4” wide using the full length of
     • e10 Eliptical Guide Bushing    the jig. And with step registration, you can join stock up to 17-13/16” wide.
        (Universal Mount)  Mount the tough glass reinforced jig body to your shop made wood beam,
     • Pin Wrench for Bushing Adjust.  clamp your stock & route. Or use the jig (for boards up to 9-3/4" wide) on
     • 1/2” Straight Bit with 1/2” Shank   a router table that accepts a universal mount guide bushing. Adjustable side
     • 3/4” & 1/2” Adjustable Side Stops  stops give a perfect offset for pin & socket boards & the e10 elliptical template
     • 3/4” & 1/2” Step-over Cams  guide lets you alter your cuts for a gap free fit. The “beehive” name is be-
        for Wide Board Routing
     • 10 - 1” Phillips Mounting Screws  cause the drawers of a hive are traditionally constructed with box joints.
     • User Guide & Instructional Video  105826   leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig     $99.00   $109.99

                     rikoN 8” ProFEssioNal loW sPEEd BENch GriNdEr     5 YEar
                       An affordable slow-speed 8” bench grinder that runs smoothly!  WarraNtY
            oN        Rikon’s model 80-808 bench grinder runs at 1750 RPM, slow enough to dramatically
                      reduce any likelihood of overheating your edge tools. The smooth running grinder has
                     a quiet 1 HP 120V continuous-duty induction motor. Bigger, beefier, tapered wheel
                    washers are 2-5/8” in dia. & 7/16” thick. The inside washer doesn’t seat on a tiny 1/32”
                  shoulder like on some grinders. The 5/8” shaft ends are milled from a 15/16” spindle leaving
               a significant 5/32” wide shoulder to ensure wobble free seats. Includes 2 friable, white aluminum
     oxide 8” dia. x 1” thick grinding wheels (60X & 120X). Features heavy duty tool rests & a cast iron base, removable
     key switch, adjustable LED light, dust ports & clear eye shields (one has 2x magnification). 54 lbs.
     Ships within lower 48 states for $30 surcharge.  191303   rikon 8” Professional Grinder  $199.99  $249.99
     2   see our full line of handsaws aT
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